A data center -- also known as a datacenter or data centre -- is a facility composed of networked computers, storage systems and computing infrastructure that organizations use to assemble, process, store and disseminate large amounts of data.

What is a data center?

A data center or Internet data center is a facility where an organization or service provider centralizes its necessary computing resources. You may have heard about it lately as the term Data Center has become very common. These days, most of the data we handle – from mobile phones, tablets and computers – ends up being hosted on servers in these data centers. In fact, many people refer to data centers as cloud or hosting, in a more generic way.

Data centers are exclusive use spaces where companies maintain and operate their IT infrastructures. In these spaces, servers and storage systems can be housed to run applications that process and store companies' data. Some companies may have a few racks, while others may have large private halls to house a certain number of racks. That depends on the size of the company.

Data centers provide a prepared technical space where high-capacity electrical outlets are installed to connect the racks. So everything has to be carefully controlled and secured.

For example, climate control is critical to maintaining the proper temperature and humidity parameters that ensure the proper functioning and operational integrity of hosted systems. For this, the data centers have redundant power supply systems, diesel backup generators, redundant and highly efficient cooling systems, fire detection and suppression, water leakage detectors and security controls.

A physical data center can host virtual data centers, known as Cloud Data Centers, Private Cloud or VPS. The price of this technology is lower due to virtualization. Each virtual data center is completely independent; therefore, it benefits from the maximum guarantees in terms of security, availability and flexibility.

Chisinau, Moldova

Own data center in the city of Chisinau, having connection with the biggest internet operators in Chisinau. The data center benefits from power generators for maximum uptime, as well as high-power UPS.

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